Field Rentals

Teams and other organized groups are encouraged to reserve a field at Jonesville Park by filling out the attached Jonesville Park Field Rental Agreement and remitting payment based on the fee schedule.

Discounts are available for multiple teams from the same organization, special population groups, and groups who plan to make frequent reservations.

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Contact us at or 352-379-2999 to make your reservation.

Fill out my online form.

Fee Schedule:

Field Rental for game $75
Field Rental for game w/ lights $100
Team Practice $50
Team Practice w/lights $80

By signing this agreement…

I agree to pay the fees associated with my field rental prior to the field use.
I agree to leave the park in the same condition as it is
when my organization arrives.
I agree to pick up all trash in the field, dugout, and spectator areas prior to leaving.
I agree to replace any equipment that is damaged or stolen during my rental period.
I acknowledge that the only reason I will receive a refund is in the event of inclement weather resulting in unplayable conditions.
Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance!

In return, Gatorball agrees to…

Assure fields are in playable condition for all rental periods.
We agree to water, drag, and line fields for all game rentals. (If playing multiple games in one day, this applies to first game only, unless other arrangements are agreed upon.) Rakes will be provided for maintenance between games.
If applicable: lights will be turned on for allotted rental period.

Assumption of Risk and Release of Claims Statement:

I acknowledge that I have chosen to rent Jonesville Park ball field(s) for my organization’s activity and that this activity may expose them to risks, known and unknown, or personal injury that could be painful, permanently disfiguring or debilitating and fatal. I recognize and accept
the exposure and freely assume these risks and their consequences, which may also include potential for property loss or damage. It is my intention by this instrument to exempt Gatorball Baseball Academy, Jonesville Park, Alachua County, and all employees from liability for personal injury, property damage, or wrongful death, whether or not caused by negligence occurring to anyone in my organization arising as a result of renting and using Jonesville Park ball field(s) or any activities incidental there to or however the same may occur.

I acknowledge that my organization or each member of my organization currently carries medical insurance. We each agree to be responsible for all costs associated with injury, transportation and treatment.

*By submitting this form you agree to all the terms, conditions, and fees appropriated in this agreement.